Exterior Tudor - Before
Damaged wood caused non beveled beams causing water to sit on beams and rot the wood away.
Exterior Tudor - Half Way
All damaged areas removed and everything sanded back.
Exterior Tudor - After
New beams treated installed and blended to match. Alarm box removed , new vent and everything painted.
Patio - Before
Patio - After
New fence and patio installed with drain covers that house slabs inside to make the covers less visible.
New Railings
2x new rails put in.
Garage Door - Before
The primer had failed on this door. You can see it all peeling away. We removed all the paint and treated.
Garage Door - After
Door all primed, under and top coated.
Some gates lightly sanded, stained and painted.
Front of House - Before / After
Before (left) House needed brightening up.

After (right) House has new fascias and guttering - due to a leak. Old alarm box removed and everything painted.
Whole House - Before / After
Before (left) House needed brightening up.

After (right) House had fascias and guttering cleaned. Then some fresh coats of paint.
Front / Rear House Painted
Whole house painted with particular care to set up scaffolding ourselves to go over the conservatory.
Whole House Painted
Freshly painted. Attention to rust spots dotted all over the house due to suspected incorrect pebbles containing iron of some sort when pebble dashed. Rust converter sorted this problem.
Some custom feather-board fencing.
Front Garden
Customer required a maintenance free front garden.
Damaged fascia boards cladded with PVC.
Patio Grouting
All the existing grout had started to come free. All grout dug out and new put in.
Front of House
All fascias and guttering cleaned. House and front door painted.
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